“Working with Sandy has had a profound impact on altering my mindset. Her compassion for helping others and care in which she teaches skills and techniques is world class. Sandy’s insight and talent for conveying ideas left me understanding the “what”, “why”, and “how” of myself and situations in a way that I made deeper connections resulting in lasting changes. She helped me to discover the truth within me. This foundational shift in how I view myself, the world, and how I interact with others, has helped me to have more positive and intentional personal and professional relationships. I highly recommend Sandy as a personal mindset and wellness coach.”

Tonya Reynolds

Female Entrepreneur and HR Expert

“Sandra delivered an outstanding service for our organization! Her comprehensive consulting and coaching covered both physical and mental well-being that left us with a lasting positive impact. Her genuine commitment to improving overall health with our employees truly shines through. I will highly recommend her services for anyone seeking a holistic and transformative wellness experience.”

Amy Bain

Executive Assistant and Manager, Giving and Volunteering at J.B. Hunt Transport

“Sandra’s guidance has made a significant impact on my mental well-being. Her guidance is truly transformative, and I’ve been able to successfully apply her methods—while also sharing her approaches with my husband who suffers from severe PTSD. It is with great pleasure that I can recommend anyone seeking positive health services to connect with Sandra!”

Tori Hodges-Fretwell

Development Assistant for Giving and Volunteering at J.B. Hunt Transport

“Working with Sandy helped me realize how important it is for me to carve out time for my creative writing. I had been treating it as a luxury in which I only indulged after all my other work was done. That meant I rarely found time to write. Sandy helped me realize that creating gives me more energy, and by prioritizing it, I gained more energy and enthusiasm.

As a lawyer, I am fortunate to have many professional opportunities in commercial and non-profit organizations, but I had been simply taking opportunities as they were presented rather than deliberately selecting the path that would lead to the most fulfillment. Working with Sandy helped me to discern what gives me energy and feeds my soul. Sandy helped me to create a path that honors my need for creative expression and also allows me to still provide for my family.”