Living Well. Leading Better.

journey with us for greater wellness and resilience

Purpose & Services

Live Well Lead Better (“LWLB”) is dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations with practical strategies for greater wellbeing.  From individualized coaching to customized trainings and workshops, we seek to help individuals make positive changes personally and professionally.  We are on a mission to help individuals build resilience to modern stressors, manage conflict in a healthy manner, and increase social and emotional intelligence skills for more fulfilling personal and professional relationships.

Are you ready to explore simple strategies to increase individual or team wellbeing and resilience? Examples of services we offer for individuals or organizations include:

  • Life, Wellness, & Mindset Coaching
  • Meditation, Breathwork, & Yoga Workshops
  • Customized Wellness Workshops or Trainings
  • Workplace Wellness Surveys and Recommendations
  • Wellness Retreats

Life is a journey and you have the power every day to choose a path that will lead to greater wellbeing, less unhealthy conflict, and more fulfilling relationships. We are here to be a support to others on this journey using positive coaching psychology as well as traditional wellness practices validated by modern science.

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